Purity Signature 34 Edition Vodka 1.75L
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Purity Signature 34 Edition Vodka

  • we93


Category Vodka
Region Sweden
Brand Purity
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00
Our Signature 34x Edition vodka is the first vodka we distilled, and I want to describe it as a perfect combination between flavor and smoothness. I really enjoy it on the rocks when I can taste the potpourri of all the flavors that originates from the malted barley and wheat used in our mesh. The distilled spirit is also blended with natural spring water which furthermore opens up the flavors to create the flavor complexity in the finished vodka. I highly recommend you to pair the 34x vodka to a Caprese salad with Buffalo Mozzarella, which is a match made in heaven and a perfect way to enjoy my signature vodka.
Wine Enthusiast
  • we93

Overall neutral, this vodka, made from winter wheat and barley, is tinged with almond sweetness and lemon-pepper astringency. Each sip warms all the way down. It was distilled 34 times.

Kara Newman, March 1, 2021