Infuse Spirits Broken Barrel Bourbon 750ml

Infuse Spirits Broken Barrel Bourbon

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Category Bourbon
Origin United States, Kentucky
Brand Infuse Spirits
Proof 95.00
Broken Barrel Bourbon features a unique blend of corn, rye, and barley that makes it perfectly balanced to infuse. We taste the Kentucky-distilled bourbon after six months to ensure quality and then move the bourbon into steel tanks. In the latter containers, the batches incorporate our OAK BILL: new French oak, ex-bourbon barrel, and a blend of sherry cask staves. Rich, complex, layered and beyond beautiful, Broken Barrel goes where others won't, and we wouldn't have it any other way. OAK BILL: 40% French Oak Staves. 40% Ex-Bourbon Cask Staves. 20% Sherry Cask Staves

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