Hayman's Royal Dock Gin
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Hayman's Royal Dock Gin


Category Gin
Region United Kingdom, England
Brand Hayman's
Alcohol/vol 57%
Royal Dock Gin represents the style of Gin supplied by the Hayman family and previous generations under the mark 'Senior Service Gin' to both the Royal Navy and the trade from 1863. Its robust and bright profile with an enhanced aromatic nose had great appeal amongst the highest ranks of the Navy. Based in London, they delivered to the Royal Victoria Yard at the Royal Dock, the largest of the three Admiralty Victualling Boards. Gin along with Rum was an essential part of the cargo. This Navy Strength Gin at 57% vol was the strength required to enable gunpowder to still light if Gin was spilt on it. The name Royal Dock represents the yard which was established in 1513 by Henry VIII in Deptford, South London. London was the largest port in England with other smaller ports in Gosport and Plymouth. Over 4 centuries the Royal Dock, headquarters for the Navy Victualling Board who were responsible for the provisions on board, was a point of departure for some of the most significant ventures in British Naval history.