Wiseacre Symphonic with Pears 22 oz.
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Wiseacre Symphonic with Pears

22 oz.
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Category Beer
Origin United States, Tennessee
Brand Wiseacre
Alcohol/vol 8.1%
This beer is fermented with 100% Brettanomyces on the yeast front, which gives the typical "barnyard" tasting notes, tropical fruit, and a pleasant malty/nutty/cracker finish. After spending 7 months aging in white wine barrels, this year's Symphonic got the pear treatment. Loads of Bartlett pears went into the barrels for a secondary fruit fermentation, lending a cider-y edge to this distinctive beer. Next, this beer was bottle conditioned by leaving the wild yeast in the beer to feed on an added priming sugar, producing carbon dioxide in the process. The nose is pure pears with tropical softness, which compliments the tannic toasty oak flavors of this complex beer. Symphonic gets its name from the complexity of flavors and ingredients that create a harmonious flavor once combined, much like a symphony. We recommend enjoying Symphonic with your favorite classical music.

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