Cantera Negra Añejo 750ml
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Cantera Negra Añejo

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Category Anejo
Origin Mexico, Jalisco
Brand Cantera Negra
Alcohol/vol 40%
Cantera Negra Añejo offers a remarkably smooth taste and a warm finish. Although never bottled until passing the stringent taste testing standards of our family panel, it is aged for an average of 30 to 36 months. Our Añejo maintains the subtle citrus and earthy hints of our Silver and Reposado Elixir de Agave products, but the aging process imparts and highlights subtle new flavors resembling the cooked agave itself, with a more woody and vanilla ending. Its flavor is so unique and enjoyable as a sipping tequila that Cantera Negra Añejo stands apart from all other typical tequilas on the market today.

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