Wiseacre Prank Calls To Satan

Wiseacre Prank Calls To Satan


Category India Pale Ale
Region United States, Tennessee
Brand Wiseacre
Alcohol/vol 6.5%
Ring ring....Satan: Hello? Caller: Hey Satan, your cat is in my garage. Satan: I don't have a cat. Caller: I don't have a garage. Prank Calls to Satan can be quite deceiving and fun. Prank Calls Black IPA is also deceiving and fun. The name comes from a Far Side cartoon that really gave Davin and Kellan the giggles as young'uns. The beer is light in body with sturdy hop bitterness and robust, fruity hop aromas from Delta and Chinook. There is just a hint of the toasty flavor from the more highly kilned malts that lends it deep dark color.