Cidrerie Daufresne Poire Cidre 750ml
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Cidrerie Daufresne Poire Cidre

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Category Hard Cider
Origin France, Normandy
Brand Cidrerie Daufresne
Alcohol/vol 4%
A perry pear is gritty, tannic and acidic, which makes it somewhat similar to acider apple. But that is where the similarities end. Perry pear tannins tend to be rounder than those found in cider apples, and the pears used for perry have less malic acid than cider apples, resulting in a beverage that is less tart and more delicate. The Daufresne Poiré offers clear, sparkling and persistent effervescence and aromas. Tastes of fresh pear fruit, hints of melon and citrus, natural sediments in glass, rustic with a clean pure sweetness, balanced by refreshing acidity. Poiré (perry) pairs best with Shell sh, Dungeness crab, oysters, poached sh, young greens, endive, artichokes, leeks, fennel, fresh herbs, citrus, rustic tats, zabaglione and berries, fruit ices. When it comes to pairing desserts, perry is a knockout with unassuming cream-based desserts such as panna cotta or creme brulee.

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