Haley's Corker Haley's Corker
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Haley's Corker Haley's Corker

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Category Accessories
Brand Haley's Corker
While enjoying a glass of wine, J. E. Haley contemplated a single device to replace a drawer full of accessories. An instant aerator for full aroma and flavor. A filter for sediment and tartrates. A stopper for leak-proof side storage in the fridge. A comet-like flash of inspiration. A brilliantly engineered solution! An all-in-one design that: Aerator - instantly enhances bouquet and flavor Filter - helps prevent cork residue, sediment and tartrates from entering your glass Pourer - drip-free pour control Re-corker - never struggle with a cork again Stopper - store wine spill-proof on its side in the refrigerator.

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