Woody Creek Distillers Colorado Gin 750ml
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Woody Creek Distillers Colorado Gin

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Category Gin
Origin United States, Colorado
Brand Woody Creek Distillers
Alcohol/vol 47%
Proof 94.00
Introducing Woody Creek Gin, a combination of classic London Dry and New World gin. We start with a base spirit made from the same, pure potato spirit we use to make our signature Woody Creek Vodka and distill it to above 190 proof. We then take locally sourced, hand-picked juniper berries and mix them with other botanicals such as fresh lemongrass, corriander, cinnamon, angelica, hibiscus, lavender, cranberries, and grains of paradise, as well as fresh orange and lemon peel and lime wedge. The base spirit and the botanicals are left to macerate for a full day at 150 degrees Fahrenheit and then redistilled. The result is an extremely smooth, handcrafted, ultra-premium American gin with extraordinary character and complexity. One we are proud to say is worthy of the name Woody Creek.

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